about us

PLS is a subsidiary of Aydınlı Group which is one of Turkey's leading companies operating in the ready-to-wear sector, with 450 retail stores and more than 1.000 points of sale throughout the world.

PLS is a full-service brand licensing agency that connects global brands and representatives of best in their industries to extend well known brands into new retail products and new geographies. Activity fields of PLS covers different industries; such as ready-to-wear, accessories, furniture, home textile and home products.

PLS creates long-term strategies synchronizing with goals set for brands by their owners, develops a “brand guideline” to provide long-term, brand-appropriate, profitable licensing partnership between licensees and brand owners. Through “brand guideline”, our customer based approach delivers licensing solutions for dynamic clients who are looking forward to establishing their brands in new territories, protecting their trademarks and generating revenue.

At PLS, we initiate client-based licensing programs, we do not just organize but we also build a collaborative environment that fosters responsibility, brilliance and passion; one that is agile enough to move swiftly in today's business climate, and resourceful enough to help even the most established brands enhance their value for the whole brand-license processes. Our main goal is to partner with select brand licensing clients who understand powerful brands, appreciate merchandise licensing as much as we do, and truly assist them in growing their business.

PLS helps to bring together globally successful world brands with the key players of the local industries and also follows ”glocal” business model taking full advantage of its years’ built field experience.

Based in Istanbul and Turin, PLS has helped grow 41 successful licenses operating in 40 countries and it is recognized as one of the most successful strategic merchandise licensing agents in Turkey.

    • Regional Competence and Local Know-How
    • Entrepreneurial Industry Networking
    • Brand Development
    • Strategic Business Development Planning
    • Contract Negotiation and Management
    • Financial Tracking and Reporting
    • Joint Ventures and Partnership Constitution
    • Brand Value Analysis and Management
    • Brand Take Overs
    • Licensing

  • A licensing agreement grants a manufacturer the right to develop, market and sell approved products (typically leveraging a company's brand name, logo(s), mark(s) and/or licensable assets) to approved retailers in return for payment — typically a royalty and guarantee based on wholesale sales as specified in the license agreement.

    According to LIMA 2014 Annual Licensing Industry Survey, only in U.S. and Canada, licensing industry has 6 Billion USD sales volumes in the whole retail industry, which is 115.75 Billion USD.

    • Apparel (Men/Women/Kids/Baby)
    • Underwear and Pajamas
    • Socks
    • Shoes
    • Bags
    • Tie and Handkerchiefs
    • Wedding Dresses
    • Leather Accessories (Belts, Wallets, Other Small Accessories)
    • Leather Outfit
    • Travel Sets (Luggage, Duffels, Backpacks, etc.)
    • Home Textiles
    • Home and Office Furniture
    • Baby Strollers and Bicycles
    • Tableware and Cutlery
    • Office Accessories
    • Umbrellas

  • Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Georgia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Albania, Armenia, North Cyprus, Tunisia, Libya, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Algeria, Serbia, Montenegro, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Pakistan, Angola, South Africa.

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